It’s Easy to Install your ROCKDock™

If you don’t reload you need to start learning now.

Now more than ever.  Every firearm owner should seriously consider reloading and bullet casting.  Who knows how much ammo is going to be available and at what cost with this crazy world we live in today.  Aside from the fact that it’s fun, and it’s easy and will save us money.

Even if you don’t have much space, or wish to take your reloading setup on the road, the ROCKDock™  has some great options to easily get it done.

I had a customer ask if the ROCKDock™ could be used for a portable reloading bench setup, and I said, “Can it be used..? you bet!”, “That’s just one of the applications where the ROCKDock shines.”  Use while on the road in an RV, or in the living room while watching TV.

Instructions are included with your order (not shown here) on how to set and regulate the slide in holding pressure you choose one time with installation. No need to reset or readjust.

•pdf Download -ROCKDock™ Installation and Pressure Regulation Instructions

Here we’ll install a ROCKDock™ docking mount, and SHELFDocks™.  I’m installing 2 docking mounts- including one with a lube heater shelf for my lube presses, plus (2) two spaces for storing presses while not in use with SHELFDocks.
ROCKDock™ rails come in left and right pairs. They also come with a Lube Heater Shelf option (the cross back piece) if so ordered.
Place one base plate at the edge of the bench, with one ROCKDock rail as a square and line up on bench where ever you choose to install as shown.
There are various ways you can drill and install your ROCKDock, but this is the way I do it- using a clamp.   (**Note that rails do not have to sit right at the edge of the bench if you have something in the way underneath such as a cross member. They can be moved back some and still be rock solid.)
You can mark and drill (3 holes), or I clamp the center and drill the outside holes first. Bolt those down, then drill the center hole last. Makes the perfect drilling guide.
Always use a slightly oversized drill larger than 1/4″. The holes are machined about 9/32″. I used a “K” letter drill in the photos. This gives you some adjustment if needed later.
Next, set the (left) rail in place. Allow about 1/16″ or so gap so plates slide in easily. Clamp, mark, and drill. 
Clamp and drill your other ROCKDock Rail.
Bolt down both rails, and see if there is any bind on the base plate.  Every bench surface is different. You can choose to tighten down your press with a tool each time, or follow the instructions that come with your ROCKDock™ on how to regulate the slide friction of the rails permanently.
For my second ROCKDock mount I decided to install a “Lube Heater Plate”  This is only used to radiate heat from a standard clothes iron to a lube sizer press (to heat lube) used in bullet casting. It can be ordered fixed or removable. While some folks like the looks of the shelf, it has no effect on the strength or rigidity of the ROCKDock.
The base plate shown is predrilled for the famous old Lyman 45 Lube Sizer Press. Just love the old Lymans. Got 3 or 4 I think. Probably soon be worth more money as antiques… Ha, but they work well. I think the RCBS Lubesizers are stronger for sure and a great buy. They use the same H&I dies as the Lyman.
I decided to do my final layout as shown with (4) SHELFDocks™.
SHELFDocks™ are handy little brackets that you can install with screws on any shelf to hold and keep your other presses ready to go when needed. I’m installing these on the back sides.

I line these up much in the same way and pilot drill – very shallow, with a tiny drill bit. Then just screw in place. SHELFDocks come with mount screws as do all ROCKDock parts.




The ROCKDock™ is the strongest, lightest, most space saving mount made period!

The Options are endless…

Please email any photos of your setup. Would be happy to post them here with notes…!
Happy Shooting and Keep your Powder dry!
Lube Heater Plate as shown in operation…ClothesIron