Addressing the Pissed Off Complaint

I have only two (2 in total) customers who filed old complaints, some years back, in all these years on Pissed Off Consumer, that were offered refunds immediately, and money was promptly sent, but to this day will not care to even state that they received their refund. 

Folks in all the years I’ve been in business at Patmarlins– since 2008 and with thousands of sales from my great loyal customers, I have never EVER once kept anyones money, or owe anyone.  Yes- the development of over 50 die calibers and production growth through earlier years, plus product demand had put me behind at times.

I’ve had in all these years less than (25) Checkmaker™ dies returned with thousands and thousands sold and used in the field, and not one ROCKDock™ system ever returned.  I don’t know of any business that can say that. 

I have found that once that website gets a complaint, it can never be corrected or removed.  

Customer service has always been a priority…

My customers know that it’s my policy, if ever they have a problem with their order I fully stand behind my workmanship and products, and will gladly help determine what the problem is and help the customer correct it with operating tips, repair, or replacement to get them going and happy with their order.

Thank you for your kindness and business,


Patmarlins™ -Specialty Products for Casting and Reloading

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