Lifewave Light Therapy Health and Wellness

Lifewave Light Therapy Health and Wellness

If greatly reducing pain, back pain, knee pain, hip pain including arthritis pain and inflammation, sleeping 7-8 hours each night, having more natural energy throughout your day and feeling better interests you order here:

We as cast shooters and gun nuts don’t hesitate to invest thousands and thousands of dollars in our passion… firearms -but how much do we invest in our health..?

I’m including this page and technology on my website because it is and has truly changed my life by improving my health. This has been a game changer with everything I do.

I stake my name and reputation on it.

I invite you to visit our new FB site. Check out the videos from Doctors and Medical Practitioners, and Veterinarians.


Lifewave Light Therapy Health and Wellness

Investing in your health by wearing the Lifewave Patch patetented technology has clinically proven to elevate our CHK copper peptide that rebuilds our mitochondria and activates the production of our own stem cells, stimulating repair and regeneration in our body.

This happens within weeks and some people within days simply by wearing the patch 12 hours a day, without drugs, without anything going into our body. Photolight therapy using our bodies own heat. Just like the sun triggers a process that boosts the production of Vitamin D.


Is it really possible to activate our own stem cells with Lifewave Photolight therapy..? …YES.


•  There’s a reason this technology has been in development since 2003 with over 100 issued patents. 

•  There’s a reason the X39 patch has $450 million in sales world wide in just 3 years.

• There’s a reason many MD and PhD Doctors and Practitioners are endorsing this product.

My Facebook page is not just a “sell” about livewave products. We offer many tips on wellness, diet and cooking for not only us but our pets as well.

As a Christian, my business and work is based in helping people. For me it’s one way to give back and serve God. Honestly I can care less about the $20 they give me for your sign up. My interest is seeing you inprove your health.

Lifewave Distributor at Lifewave
Dr. Harmon - X39 Patch Explained
Patching for overall health and wellness. Another point of view…Dr. Harmon – X39 Patch Explained – 9 minutes
Dr Harmon is Board Certified in Neurofeedback by the BCIA.


Dr. Rhonda Donahue PhD on the Lifewave X39 PatchGreat in depth VIDEO Interview with Dr. Rhonda Donahue PhD on the Lifewave X39 Patch





Dr. Stacie Ph.D. in Quantum Integrative Medicine PhD in Functional MedicineDr. Stacie (completely) explains X39

Dr. Stacie Holweger is a Teacher, Entrepreneur, Public speaker, Author and Doctor,  Ph.D. in Quantum Integrative Medicine PhD. in Functional Medicine


Dr. Don VerHulst, MDX39 and How it Works with Dr. Don VerHulst, MD


Dr Andrew Rostenberg on X39 Stem Cel science and treatmentHere’s Dr Andrew Rostenberg on X39 Stem Cel science and treatment…