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ROCKDock™ -Reloading Bench Docking Mount System

Checkmaker™ -Gas Check Forming Tool and Die sets


I sincerely want to thank everyone of my customers for their compliments here, and the compliments I get from shooters literally every day for my work, craftsmanship, and products.

Thanks again for your kindness and business- YOU are what gave me the inspiration to start this company, and you are what keeps me going. I truly love my work and strive to improve production daily.

I shall continue to provide us shooters with products that save us money and increase accuracy.




Dear Pat you made some for me in 452 and 458 several years ago and they still work great. I would like to order some in 30 cal for my 7.62 x 39 would they work on my 3030 to. Also a set for my ar15  . in 224? Thanks jerr 

Hi Pat!
Mel Jamison here, I just want you to know that I am pleased as hell with your checkmaker, and commend you on your idea. l am impressed!

I received the die earlier this week. Thank you much. I got around to cutting a few gas checks and forming them last night. The die works wonderful. I fitted a couple gas checks to the cast bullets and sized the bullets. It is an excellent fit. The gas check is good and tight on the bullet shank. I’ll try to get to reloading this weekend and maybe, depending on weather, shoot the following weekend. I’ll take pictures and write it up for you. I appreciate your help with this project. Thank you.

Just picked up my 32 caliber PB and 6.5mm PB gas check maker today from the PO.  I think the 6.5mm maker actually makes the most symmetrical gas checks out of the 5 or six sets of dies that I have so far.  Excellent work and well worth the wait!

6.5mm Gascheck Maker 001_zpsh1tw8app6.5mm Gascheck Maker 003_zpsm9povl9e


A excellent product Pat ! I will be adding to these as I get more presses and lube sizers I am sure . 
Thanks again,
Chad Kuebler

My PB checkmaker works great and is worth any wait. ‘Must be a lot of folks like em…. them babies sell like hotcakes whenever you see one on the S&S section… Beagle 

Greetings Pat,

I got my RockDock and had it installed tonight. I had some issues with hardware as my bench is a little unconventional ( the edge is 6” deep).

Just needed a quick trip to the hardware store. Also, a heads-up if you are going to keep the pattern I sent for the Redding Big Boss, I did not indicate on it where the front edge is. My countersinks were on the top and I had to flip it, and make a fourth hole LOL. I won’t tell anyone if you don’t!

You can see how small my bench is (2′ x 4′ ) and this is a real space saver. Thanks for a great product at a great price.

Dutch Wallenba

Hi Pat,

First off, I like the mounting system and the machine work is great. I think this is a great mounting system and I look forward to using the mount for many years.



These fit as good or better than Hornady’s on the few .30 cal’s that I checked them on this afternoon.

I’m a happy camper. My .30 cal. check maker dies arrived today and within 20 minutes I already had a handful of nice .30 cal gas checks.



Just wanted to tell you how well those PB gas checks work.  Man, no signs of leading at all in my 9mm CZ & my Colt 357. These things are revolutionary, and fun to make to boot.

I ship out next week for Angola.  Glad I got to test them before I left.  Thanks for getting that to me in time, I really appreciate it.

John Lewis

This seems to be one d*mn slick little tool. I had a very short learning curve, as you would with any tool. I’m sure I’ll continue to refine as I experiment. I have a small pile of soda can gaschecks forming. I still need to put them on some boolits and range test them.

Patrick L


I love my 41PB checkmaker. Jon B.

Hello Pat.

Paul Jacobsen here from Nelson, B.C. Canada

Finally put the Rockdock onto the loading bench and thought you would enjoy a pic with a new, old stock Lachmiller Lubri Sizer, that has never been used. RCBS bought them out a long time ago and turned them into the Lubrisizer II.

Perfect fit and now I can load and size with ease.

Thanks for such a quality piece of kit.

Best regards


Hi Pat,

The new plate (Reddding T-7) is perfect. Thanks so much for the extra

time and effort to get it just right. Fits “like a glove”.


Pat,Thanks for the great tool. Less than 10 minutes after I received it I was making checks.

Have a great Thanksgiving,

Terry C. Dougherty

Hi Pat,I received both 10mm and 45 pb checkmaker dies.I want to thank you for producing a fine and well engineered product. I would like to order a 35 cal. pb checkmaker. I’ll pay via paypal.

Thanks, Rick


Pictures Pat? Don’t you mean boolit porn? …Frank

Click image for larger version. </p><br /> <p>Name: image.jpg <br /><br /> Views: 14 <br /><br /> Size: 36.3 KB <br /><br /> ID: 71091

Click image for larger version. </p><br /> <p>Name: image.jpg <br /><br /> Views: 15 <br /><br /> Size: 28.0 KB <br /><br /> ID: 71092

G’day from Downunder .

G’day Pat , just a quick note to let you know my checkmaker arrived safely downunder today , thank you very much for helping me obtain this and I am sure it wont be the only one i get from you .

Kindest regards


Pat,Just to let you know I received my dies on Saturday. I tried the 35 caliber out yesterday and they work as advertised. Additionally, I think they look good too. Is the 44 cal PB a regular item yet?

Thank you.

Russell Lovetinsky

I received the 35 PB Checkmaker today. It was a breeze to set up and works



Keith Fountain


I’m thinking about a die for 44 gas check. Have you got it ready in stock?

I’m very happy about my 41 caliber die and in the attached photo Yuo can see

the first group that I have obtained last week end at 100 m distance.

I heard about the earthquake and I hope every is well for you and for yuor

business too!

Greetings from italy


alessandro cesari

Pat the 30 cal and the 303 adapter both worked perfectly as far as sizing and workability. I have a large number of 303 that I’ve already loaded using the 303 gas checks I made via the adapter.

Dave Anderson

Hi Pat,

30 cal. checkmaker works EXTREMELY well!!! I especially enjoy being able to experiment with different materials and thicknessesÉ does make a difference!

I want to try to improve the performance of my 45’s, both revolvers (45 colt) and autos (45 ACP). To that end I am interested in your 45 cal. (0.452) PB Checkmaker.

What would be the cost (plus shipping) for this check maker??

Thanks Pat!

BTW, RockDock is kick ass as well!!!!

Rick MacCrone


Thank you very much for working so hard to make everything right. The base works perfectly and I now have the reloading room that I have been dying for since I placed the order. Your products rock! (excuse the pun). A rock solid, removable mount, excellent materials and craftsmanship.


Thanks again.

Richard M. Feustel, Jr.


 I just wanted you to know I went into Hobby Lobby on Monday and for 22 bucks got a 12×18 inch copper sheet in .016. Next time I’ll have a 50% off coupon. Cut it into strips and ran the 8mm die cutting half of the strips into discs. took me about 2 hours  to do that  and then to get the hang of it I ran 300 gas checks through the finish side. I only messed up on 5. Total time from start to finish was 5 hours. 

Thank You Pat ,the dies are  quality work and also they do exactly what it was supposed to do. By the way it works slicker than snot for me. Now I can shoot a bunch of my cast. Worth every minute of wait. There is one draw back though. Now I gotta build me a stronger bench that won’t shake as I cut the discs. LOL, I couldn’t believe all the stuff that was falling off as I was cutting. I needed to do that anyway for when I wanna get into swaging.

Thank You again Pat, your gas check dies are highly recommended by me. I’ll let ya know how the 303 and 30 cal work out. The proof will be in the shooting also, but I have no doubt they’ll perform fine.

Dave {Mtman314}

HI Pat,

Wow, USPS was fast.  Your “Click & Ship” said Friday and they arrived in this morning’s mail.  I quickly set up the Checkmaker and punched out a few out of  Amerimax .014 Aluminum.  They punched nicely and the GC cups formed pretty well too.  They fit snugly on the GC shank of the 329-205-1R Lee boolits and once I’ve run them through the sizer, you can’t pry them off.  Perfect!

Here’s a picture of the first 10 I made that you can use as you see fit.  The discoloration on the boolits is the tumble lube I use (Lee liquid alox cut 50-50 with mineral spirits).

Hope you get to make that Salmon fishing trip before the season ends.

Jim Sheldon

Pat, I just wanted to say that the check maker works great and thank you for your prompt action. For the quality of the tool, it was worth the wait.

Have no fear that i’ll make purchases in the future now that all is resolved. I wish you good health and to take care of yourself. : )


Pat,I just got to the mailbox today and got a very pleasant surprise. My gascheck makers were there.

Thank You.

Hello Pat,Got the optional male die with the 30 caliber so that I could use it also for the 303 British cartridge.

Thanks again. I tried it out this afternoon and it works great!

Bob Penquite

Hello there Pat,

I received the package and it works very well. Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Ralf Demter

My order arrived today. And I have everything mounted!

Very nice work.

Thanks Pat!


Richard Cline



I’ve had my 35pb and 45pb dies about 6 days and have been punching out a storm. I’m cutting the strips by hand until I get a paper cutter. Using these tools is very easy as they are so well made.


Seating the gas checks using a Lyman 450 takes some fiddling around and learning how to manipulate the thin checks. That too didn’t take long to master. So far, I have checked some Lee .356-120 TC and sized to .358 for some .357 loads. My molds and alloy drops at .358 and weighs 125 grains. I plan on running them at around 1200 fps to start and go from there.


I have checked three styles of .45 boolits and each came out great. The Lee 452-255 RF will be a mainstay for the .45 Colt in my Vaquero and my Classic Carbine. I have the C452-300 RF which I plan on modifying to plain base to use the aluminum checks.


The other two molds I have checked are an odd pair. These are the tapered based conical molds for the Remington 1858 percussion revolver. They are technically the Lee 450-200 1R and a hollow point version of the same. The hollow point mold was a lucky find at a black powder/mountain man shop that had it on the shelf since the ’70s. It was marked 11.95 and the box was very dusty.


Both molds actually cast slightly larger than .452 at the front band with the HP version being the fatter of the two albeit by a very small margin. I have shot both of these boolits from my 1911, my Vaquero, and my H&R without leading issues but I wasn’t pushing the velocity.


I am looking forward to using the HP version in the 1911 and the Vaquero at nominal speeds. I am really looking forward to pushing the carbine a little hotter thanks to Pat’s gas check tool. 🙂 I have pushed the heavier boolits to the point of large grins, and slight bruising. The crescent steel butt plate looks nice and does an excellent job of transferring recoil with minimal loss.

Frank V

Hello Pat

The package has arrived, and I tried it directly.

The device works very well. It’s just work. I’m going to advertise for


Hallo Pat

Das Paket ist angekommen, und ich habe es direkt ausprobiert.

Das Gerät arbeitet sehr Gut. Es ist halt arbeit. Ich werde Reklame dafür machen


Greetings Manfred (from Germany)


Dear Pat,

Hi, I got my 35PB checkmaker and I am plenty satisfied with it!


Hello Pat,

I have your 9mm PB checkmaker, and your .32 as well. Love them. The .32 works great on the .327 Federal Mag. 1600 fps out of a 4.2 inch GP100 and no leading. Accurate as all get out.

I now find I need a .45 PB checkmaker and was wondering if you have any in stock at the moment.


Daniel Thorpe

Hello Pat,Just received my order. That was very kind of you to send along a base and the flux sample in addition to the plates&endash;thanks! I’d be perfectly happy to pay you for the additional base, which will be very useful.

The plates fit great, and the attention to detail on the hardware is, again, greatly appreciated. The Star sizer fits beautifully with the narrower flanged nuts., and the bolts are long enough for a heater if I get one. Very nice.

Anyway, it was an order that was worth the wait. I’ve been chomping at the bit looking to get some of this new equipment up and running Thanks again . .

Best wishes,

Sam Farrington

Hi Pat,

I received the checkmaker yesterday and I love it. Just wanted to let you know that it arrived and is groovy.

Thank you,

Lyle Gjovig

Just to let you know, Pat, I finally made it home for Xmas the other day and had my .30 Checkmaker waiting there for me for the last couple of months while I worked away. Tried it out right away and am very happy indeed with it! Will save me a lot of money and keep me busy for a while testing it out with my various lead loads. I am sure i will be ordering another before too long in maybe .32 for my 8mm Mauser or .35 for my 357. Thanks Pat. I appreciate that we have inventive guys like you we can turn to for our “projects”.

Keep up the good work!



Good morning Pat.

My Rock Dock arrived yesterday. It is now installed on my loading table. I’mvery pleased and impressed. For such a simple setup it’s a wonder that this wasn’t developed earlier as it makes hand loading so much more convenient.

My compliments and thanks for developing and making available a really

helpful addition to the loading table.

Merry Christmas

Best Regards

Len Lemaire

Sarnia, Ontario


Pat …. received my dies yesterday and they are the cats ass……..great quality and product …. thanks again


timothy byrket


Here is the picture of the piece of plywood that I made to cover up the whole. This thing is great, no more holes and I can swap tools in less than a minute.

Thanks Pat.

James Carter


Hi Pat,I bought from you about a year ago a 30cal checkmaker. It works wonderfully and I use the checks on the Lyman 314299 for my various 303 British rifles.

I would like to add a 7mm checkmaker for my 7-08. Do you make such a beast?

Mike Vanderlinden


Got the 35PB and I am totally impressed! No more lewis lead remover after a long day for me! Haven’t shot any yet, but they fit fine after putting them through .358 lee sizer (backwards of course). Thought about trying to use the bullet seater to size them down, but decided not to. Would probably be a pain to start into the case.

Thanks again and ignore the nay-sayers.

AND tell the Mrs not to worry about schmucks filing unfounded charges, knowingly doing so is a crime also!

Ernest Kyle Brownell


Sir,I just wanted to tell you that I received the checkmakers you made me. I have been away from home/town for a while and was told you package has been here waiting for me for a week or two now–but that’s my own fault for not getting home sooner. I am going to the store later to get aluminum material, so cant speak from experiance yet, but they look VERY well made. Thank you, and I hope you and yours are doing well.


Just received my 35cal. PB GC Maker and must say. Everything as promised and even better. I had to try it out so I cut up some pop cans and made some checks. Sorry to say the material was to thin. No problem though, had to empty some beer cans and behold, the material works perfect. Can´t wait to put them on some boolits and see what develops.

Again thank you Pat, perfect job.




hallo Pat

Ich habe den checkmaker dankend erhalten und die ersten versuche sind


Gruss Fritz

Howdy Pat,

I got my 338 checkmaker today. It’s perfect, thank you very much. Also wanted to send you this pic as an FYI kinda thing. Both my T-7 and Big Boss presses have a built in ‘ejector’ for the checkmaker. The Redding primer arm is perfect for it, just as is. All that needs be done is removal of the primer seater and cup from the arm. It is held firm at the bottom of the arm with an Allen set screw. Then by pushing the sleeve and spring down on the primer seater, a pair of pliers can easily unscrew it (if you have to give instructions to other Redding users).

Again, thank you. Will do business again when you catch up on things.

“wallenba” @ castboolits


30 cal tool used at last…

Pat I just had to let you know that the shoulder problems are almost gone and I produced a pile of great looking checks today. The tool does exactly what you said and I’m in hog heaven.

Thanks for all your efforts.

Jerry B.


mold maker

Thank you pat, I received everything today, and have my rockdock put together.

I wish I’d of had one of these a long time ago.

It’s very well made and strong.

Thanks again, Keith

Please excuse my first two e mail to you re: installation.

It went together like butter on hot toast and is a really nice simple


I may have to order more and I am sure once buddies see it they will

want one to clean up their tabletop.

Thanks for a great product.

Gary Banas


Everything including the saeco , fits like a glove (ROCKDock)!!!


You have fixed a problim I have had with mounting these presses for the last 25-30 or so years.

I am like a kid with a new toy!

Take care and god bless…..Buck


the Dillon 550B ROCKDock™! ROCKDock™ your Powder Measures



“Everything including the Saeco fits like a glove!!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HARD WORK!

You have fixed a problem I have had with mounting these presses for the last 25-30 or so years. I am like a kid with a new toy! Take care and god bless…..”

-Buck Able



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