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“The proof is in the accuracy results”


For cast shooters- accuracy is the quest we all seek with our beloved silver stream.

Why invest in a gaget that claims to make a pile of checks in record speed, when Checkmaker™ dies produce excellence at only a slightly slower pace.

I want a die that produces results that shoot, not just a pile of checks looking pretty.

 …. B. R. James


***Due to Covid-19 and the huge demand for my dies, I currently have a backlog of 90 days or more until caught up.***

Checkmaker™ Die Sets pre-ordered are DISCOUNTED to $98.00 each with check, money order, PayPal, or Credit Card payment. Checkmaker™ Die orders (pre-order) normally ship within 30 business days on average, depending on workload.

When most every shooting manufacturer with a product in demand is backordered months and months, we do very well. 

Pre-Order Die Sets

Checkmaker™ Die Sets listed on the “In Stock” page are $159.00 and ship within 2 business days USPS® with check, money order, PayPal, or Credit Card payment during checkout. 

***Please note due to ever increasing demand we cannot always keep dies in stock. All orders are shipped first come first serve.

In Stock Die Sets

If you do not already have a Ram Ejector Arm, you will need one. Choose either a RCBS style or LEE style here:

Ram Ejector Arm