Cast Bullets in a Polygonal Rifle Barrel

By .30/30 Guy 

I got to test my rifle with polygonal rifling again today. The first time out I had not put any Locktite on the base screws and they came loose.

My break in procedure was to just go out and shoot it. The results looked promising so I tried again today with the same load. Conditions at the range were not quite what I expected.

The thermometer in the car registered 10 degrees when I left the range. 

Rifle: Large Martini

Barrel: PAC-NOR 30 caliber polygonal rifling and 12 inch twist chambered to .30/30

Scope: Lyman 20x

Bullet: Eagan MX3 30AR – linotype – cast at 0.312” and sized at 0.312”

Lube: Felix Lube

Gas Check: 0.014” aluminum using PatMarlin’s dies

Powder: 27.5 grains 4895 (about 2000 fps)

Primer: Winchester large Pistol

Cases: F-C

Target was shot at 100 yards. Left to right targets – 1” — 13/16” — 13/16”

Inside of barrel looks the same as my Hi-Wall with a Douglas Premium 12 twist barrel as far as fouling is concerned.
I am very happy with the polygonal barrel using cast bullets.