Here’s my .45PB results. I even check the bases on my Accurate 45-190W wad cutters and use that exclusively for training people how to shoot a standard LEO course of fire. Highly accurate, light recoiling, and just plain fun to shoot! Do not use the data found here in any semi-auto fire arm. This data was worked up carefully in a S&W N-Frame revolver… Hockeynick

Die set:



Some strips, checks, and checked boolits:


Close up of checked boolit bases:


Chrono target with data from RCBS 45-200-SWC:



Fresh Lyman/ Ideal 452460 HPs ready for PB checks:



Checked, sized, and ready to load:


Target, boolit mushrooms, S&W 625JM, and 45 Auto Rim cases: