Checkmaker™ Gas Checks and a 30 caliber Spitzer

Range Results

By Ben Hays

I’d been wanting to take my new NOE 311365’s to the range and test them in my 308 Win. 

Today, seemed like a good day to do it ! 

I decided to test the new bullets in my 98 Mauser , VZ-24 . The rifle has a 6.5 X 20 Variable ,30 mm tube, Leupold Vari X III with tapered cross hairs and a fine dot. The rifle has a 12 oz. trigger and is one of my favorite rifles.


All groups below are 5 shots at 100 yds. For my ” 1st Outing ” with the 311365, I was pleased.


While I was at the range , I fired a few 311291’s. They also shot pretty good.

All of my g/c’s that you’ll see in the groups below were made with Pat Marlin’s CheckMaker™ tool out of Amerimax .014 ” thickness aluminum.



































Here is a photo of the NOE, Brass , 311365 mold. A true joy to cast with (and shoot also , I might add! )























































The group below is sub inch for 5 shots. 4 of the bullets are in about 5/8″ or so.


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