Do Checkmaker™ gas checks STAY ON once fired?

Our own Cast Booliteer brother- Roger “Hud” was very generous to take the time to send me some photos of his fired boolits and gas checks he made with his 30 Cal Checkmaker™ dies and .006 Aluminum beverage can material.

“These are of a pop can checks which is typical of all the checks made with your (my) check maker regardless of the material used. Although I prefer the copper purchased from you. This bullet was shot into a rock pile, and several were recovered with the results the same as you see here. They stay where they are put unless forced off.”

Hope this helps,


This was one of my goals and one reason I spent so long testing and perfecting the design- With these dies you have the ability to choose, cut, and form a wide range of material instead of being locked into a tool that basically makes only “one check” with a very narrow range of metal thickness. 

This also gives you a set of dies that work with a wider range of boolit diameters, and shank sizes within one caliber. 

As with the art and quest of the holy cast- your mileage may vary, but we have help with good tools to get us there.

Thanks again Roger