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POCKETLuberBP …offers a convenient solution to lubing and loading rounds quickly and conveniently at home or in the field.


 Ships in 1-2 business days. USPS Priority® Flat Rate Mail


More info and photos can be found at Patmarlins™ website:


Add your favorite lube in the lube reservoir, insert your muzzleloader cast
minies or conicals, black powder cartridge cast, CAS shooting or other
cast and round balls for an economical pressure feed tool to fill your
lube grooves, plus makes a handy holder in the field.  Works with both hard and soft bullet lubes.


High quality Precision CNC Machined T6061 Aircraft Aluminum, available in
all popular sizes from 32 caliber up to 58 Caliber (see other listings).  Comes with a
convenient black velvet drawstring pouch.


-Made in America to last a lifetime-


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