Introducing (4) New Checkmaker™ Die Calibers…!

Recently added:

475-480 Ruger caliber

475-480PB Ruger caliber

405 Winchester caliber

405PB Winchester caliber





PB dies work well with soda cans, starting at .004 through .008 normally depending on how hard the temper hardness of the metal, and how hard your boolit’s alloy is as well.

Metals too hard or to thick do not form workable PB gas checks. Trying to size and check hard alloys such as Lino Type will not work with PB checks either. I have sized PB checks as thick as .010, but that was with freshly cast Wheel Weights. Normally that metal is to thick for most applications. 

You have to experiment and find what works for your needs.

If anyone has a problem with their dies or operation, as always please email.

Customer service has always been a priority. No problem.

We’ll get it taken care ASAP. We’ll find the cause, send you out a replacement part or a replacement set.




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