38-55PB Winchester Cal (stock)


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The #1 Choice….
Checkmaker™ -gas check making dies are guaranteed to perform flawlessly as currently proven by numerous cast shooters.

The heavy duty- (reloading press) design without the shortcomings of springs has proven reliable in making accurate shooting gas checks for over 6 years now.

Checkmaker™ Gas Forming Die Sets:

-Meet or exceed accuracy shooting results of factory gas checks.

-Very user friendly- fast and easy to use, and to set up.

-Produce a bare minimum of material waste.

-Produce concentric gas checks that fit and STAY on, using the accuracy of your reloading press.

-Heavy duty machined quality with no moving parts or springs to break or gum up.

-Flexible- accommodate a wide range of material thickness- and work with a wide range of Boolit diameters all within one caliber set.

-Lifetime purchase and user re-sharpen able-

I fully guarantee EVERY die set to be spot on and work flawlessly to your satisfaction, with a “No BS” warranty.

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