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Checkmaker™ -gas check making dies are guaranteed to perform flawlessly as currently proven by numerous cast shooters.

The heavy duty- (reloading press) design without the shortcomings of springs has proven reliable in making accurate shooting gas checks for over 6 years now.

Checkmaker™ Gas Forming Die Sets:

-Meet or exceed accuracy shooting results of factory gas checks.

-Very user friendly- fast and easy to use, and to set up.

-Produce a bare minimum of material waste.

-Produce concentric gas checks that fit and STAY on, using the accuracy of your reloading press.

-Heavy duty machined quality with no moving parts or springs to break or gum up.

-Flexible- accommodate a wide range of material thickness- and work with a wide range of Boolit diameters all within one caliber set.

-Lifetime purchase and user re-sharpen able-

I fully guarantee EVERY die set to be spot on and work flawlessly to your satisfaction, with a “No BS” warranty.

Notes on dies for 50 Caliber

50 caliber dies

The standard (shank mold) .501 50 caliber pistol (500 S&W) etc., Checkmaker™ dies will only work with a modification to your mold. Standard 50 cal cast bullet shanks are designed to use .022 metal which is expensive.

I designed Checkmaker™ dies in standard 50 caliber (gas check shank molds) to work with inexpensive thinner metal. You need to order a 50 cal mold with a .473 shank, or have your mold shank opened up to .473. This way you can use inexpensive metals from .010 to .016 and the best performing .014 Amerimax Aluminum. Again- the 50 cal standard Checkmaker is not designed to make a gas checks with (expensive) .022 thick metals.

However, all Checkmaker™ 50PB caliber (plain base) version dies are designed to work with no mold modifications. You can make PB gas checks with up to .014 metals to fit any 50 caliber pistol plain base dies.

50 Caliber Range Test with Checkmaker™ Gas Check Dies and Accurate Mold 50-420KG

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