ROCKDock Lube Heater Plate

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The Lube Heater Plate- is the cross back plate section of the docking mount.

It is used to heat bullet lube in Sizing Presses used with cast bullets. Some folks like the looks of the plate, and have one for future needs even if they don’t currently cast. It has no effect on the strength or rigidity of the ROCKDock™.

The Lube Heater Plate uses a clothes iron on top to heat your lube sizer- warming your favorite bullet lube. Eliminating the need for a commercial heater.

Standard has an optional style of either Fixed (bolted) or Removable.
Large only comes in the Removable style. Removable sets on the mount.

The lube heater plate works EXTREMELY well. It transfers heat to your lube so efficiently, you only need run your iron at a very low setting to dial in just the right temperature for your bullet lube.