ROCKDock Docking Mount

Optional Lube Heater Plate

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Just what is a… ROCKDock™ Docking Mount?

This is an engineered platform that you bolt to your reloading bench positioned wherever you like to work most.  
Instead of having to bolt all of your presses and tools across your bench permanently, you can install one (or more) ROCKDock™ docking mounts.
Next- order a ROCKDock™ base plate that is predrilled for each one of your presses. 
Slide in the press you need instantly!  From sizing lead bullets and all of your reloading needs, to forming brass even up to 50 BMG and swaging tasks, it’s no problem for the ROCKDock™. If your bench is up to the task, so is the ROCKDock™ guaranteed…!
Solid light weight T6061 Aircraft Aluminum.
Truly a lifetime investment and productive addition to your reloading bench, in your workshop or at the range.
***Due to damage done by wildfires and power shutdowns in California, I currently have a backlog of 90 days or more until caught up.***

Patmarlins™ Machined ROCKDock™ -reloading bench Docking Mount System comes complete with grade 8 bolts and instructions.

Holds your gear down solid and spreads the foot print of your press base on your bench, spreading the load over the bench instead of stressing just the leading edge. Presses slide in and out solid without having to use a tool to tighten down. 

Optional ROCKDock™ Lube Heater Plate:

The lube heater plate is used for heating bullet lube in a cast bullet sizing press used in cast shooting. This is the cross back plate section of the docking mount. Some folks like the looks of the plate. It has no effect on the rigidity of the docking mount.

Standard has an optional style of either Fixed or Removable.
Large comes in Removable style only.

Simply set momma’s clothes iron on the plate.

The lube heater plate works EXTREMELY well. It transfers heat to your lube so efficiently by using a common clothes iron at a very low setting to dial in just the right temperature for your bullet lube.

No need to buy expensive lube heating systems.


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