-Current ROCKDock™ Master Base Plate List-


List being updated… more plates found in the order section.

The size of the useable space on the Standard model ROCKDock™ base plate is approximately 5 1/2″ wide and up to 6″ deep, depending on the lube heater shelf. Lube heater shelf can be ordered fixed mounted or removable. 

Overall footprint is 8 1/4″ wide x 7″ deep.

The size of the useable space on the Large model ROCKDock™ base plate  is approximately 7″ wide and up to 8″ deep. Lube heater shelf is an optional item and removable only.

Overall footprint is 9 1/2″ wide x 8″ deep.

If it will fit there, it will work and can be mounted.

…please email if you have a special application, or do not see your press listed here, or if it isn’t listed in the order section please email:

Standard (std) size
Large (lrg) size

Bonanza Press (not Forster) -std, lrg.

Bair 130 Press
C-H 204 C press -std, lrg.

C-H 4 Station Press (Lrg. only)

C-H Champion “O” press (Lrg. only)
Corbin Mighty Mite  (Lrg. only)

***No C-H Swage-O-Matic****

Dillon 550B -std, lrg.
Dillon 650 -std, lrg.
Dillon 650 w/subplate for parts bin clearance -std, lrg.
Dillon 1050 -std, lrg.
Dillon Square Deal  -std, lrg.
Dillon Super Swage  -std, lrg.
Dillon Square Deal B -std, lrg.
Dillon RL 300  (Lrg. only)

Dillon SL900

Forester/Bonanza Co-ax B3/B4/B5  -std, lrg.
Forester Co-ax press -std, lrg.
Forester Case Trimmer (Lrg. only)

Hornady Iron Press –(Lrg. only)

Hornady LNL Ammo Plant -std, lrg.  ***I have this in stock- please email***

Hornady AP -std, lrg.
Hornady LnL Classic Single Stage Press -std, lrg.
Hornady Auto LNL -std, lrg.
Hordady LnL AP  -std, lrg.
Hornady Projector Press -std, lrg.
Hornady LNL 50 BMG -std, lrg.
Hornady Powder Measure Stand -std, lrg.

Hornady/Pacific 00-7 007 Press -std, lrg. 

Herters Model 3 (Lrg. only) 

Herters Super Mod. #3 (Lrg. only)

Herters Luger #6 (Lrg. only)
Herters 3A Press  (Lrg. only)
Herters 0-3 Press -std, lrg.

Herters Luger Single Press-std, lrg.
Hollywood Press  (Lrg. only)

LEE Classic Cast Single  -std, lrg.

LEE Classic Cast Breech Lock Single  -std, lrg.
LEE Classic Cast Turret  -std, lrg.
LEE Old style aluminum turret   -std, lrg.
LEE Pro-1000  -std, lrg.
LEE Loadmaster   -std, lrg.
LEE Reloader Press   -std, lrg.
LEE “C” Reloader Press   -std, lrg.
LEE Challenger “O” frame press   -std, lrg.
LEE Breachlock Challenger   -std, lrg.
LEE Auto Bench Priming Tool -std, lrg.

Lyman 45 Lube Sizer   -std, lrg.
Lyman 450 Lube Sizer (no internal heat opt.)  -std, lrg.
Lyman 4500 Lube Sizer (bolt same as 450, has internal heat opt.) -std, lrg.
Lyman Lube Heater (4 hole heater base UNIVERSAL heater) -std, lrg.
Lyman 55 powder measure (.610 hole)  -std, lrg.
Lyman All American  (Lrg. only)
Lyman Orange Crusher -std, lrg.
Lyman Crusher II -std, lrg.
Lyman Spar-T -std, lrg.
Lyman Spartan -std, lrg.
Lyman Tru-Line JR -std, lrg.
Lyman T-Mag press  -std, lrg.
Lyman T-Mag II press  -std, lrg.

MEC 600 Jr (Pre ’82) (3 hole) -std, lrg.
MEC 600 Jr (’82-’85 on) (3-4 hole) -std, lrg.
MEC Versa Mec-std, lrg.
MEC 600 -(3-4 hole) -std, lrg.
MEC 650 JR Mark 5 (Pre ’82) (3 hole) -std, lrg.
MEC 650 JR Mark 5 (’82-’85 on) (3-4 hole) -std, lrg.
MEC Sizemaster  (Lrg. only)
MEC Supersizer  (Lrg. only)
Mec 9000  (Lrg. only)
MEC 8567 Grabber  (Lrg. only)
MEC Case Conditioner  -std, lrg.
MEC Grabber 762R series… Too Large- no can do!
MEC Marksman -std, lrg.

Pacific Press -std, lrg.
Ponsness Warren P-200 Press  (Lrg. only)
Ponsness Warren 375 Press  (Lrg. only)

RCBS Pro Chucker (-std, lrg.)
RCBS Summit (-std, lrg.) 
RCBS Garand (Lrg. only)
RCBS Mini Garand -std, lrg.
RCBS Turret  -std, lrg.

RCBS A-2 -std, lrg.
RCBS A-3 -std, lrg.
RCBS Ammomaster 3 hole   -std, lrg.
RCBS Ammomaster BMG   -std, lrg.
RCBS JR3 press   -std, lrg.

RCBS JR2-5 press   -std, lrg.
RCBS Partner Press  -std, lrg.
RCBS 4×4 press  (Lrg. only)
RCBS  Rockchucker   -std, lrg.
RCBS Rockchucker II   -std, lrg.
RCBS Rockchucker IV   -std, lrg.
RCBS Rockchucker Supreme  -std, lrg.
RCBS  Rockchucker RS3   -std, lrg.
RCBS Lube-a-matic   -std, lrg.
RCBS LAM II  Luber   -std, lrg.
RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure Stand   -std, lrg.
RCBS Uniflow without stand  -std, lrg.
RCBS Reloader Press  -std, lrg.
RCBS “R.S.” Reloading Special -std, lrg.
RCBS Auto Prime Tool  -std, lrg.
RCBS 50 BMG Auto Prime Tool -std, lrg.
RCBS Pro-2000  -std, lrg.
RCBS Big Max  (Lrg. only)

Redding T-7 Turret Press  -std, lrg.
Redding T-25  -std, lrg.
Redding Big Boss  -std, lrg.
Redding Big Boss II   -std, lrg.
Redding Ultra Mag     -std, lrg.
Redding Ultra Mag II  -std, lrg.
Redding Powder Measure stand -std, lrg.
Redding 2400 Case Trimmer -std, lrg.

Saeco Lubesizer   -std, lrg.

Star Luber Sizer   -std, lrg.
Magma Star Luber Sizer   -std, lrg.

Shop Fox Parrot Vise  (Lrg. only)
Mastercraft (Canadian) Vise (Lrg. only)
Lachmiller Lub-a-Matic  -std, lrg.
Ross and Webb Press  -std, lrg.

Bessy Bench Vise -std, lrg.

Yost LV-4 Bench Vise  -std, lrg.

Sinclair International -std, lrg.
Sinclair Trimmer Stand  -std, lrg.

Wheeler AR-15 Bench Vise -std, lrg.

Wheeler Delta Series AR-15 Mag Well Vise -std, lrg.

Bow Vise -std, lrg.

Powder Measures  -All makes of 7/8-14 threaded (7/8″ hole) -std, lrg

Belding and Mull Powder Measure  -std, lrg.

Please email if you do not see your press listed. We can add your press to our production list.

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