Ruger No1 Dream Rifle in 358 Winchester and Checkmaker™ Gas Checks

by Ben Hays

I finally got out to shoot my new Ruger # 1, 358 Win. Carbine.






















Wow, am I thrilled ! ! Got to give JES and his reboring using 3 groove rifling another ” Atta-Boy “, this barrel is everything I’d hoped for.

I had my rifle sighed in at 80 yards and was shooting 17 grs. of 2400 with a RCBS , 200 gr. HP sized to .3595 “. I shot some fine groups with that load.

I changed loads and went to:

24.5 grs. of 2400 with the NEI 260 gr. g/c bullet.
G/C’s were Patmarlins™, .014 thickness aluminum, 35 cal.
Primers Wolf large rifle.
Bullets sized .3595 ” in a Lee Push thru ( Nose 1st ) sizer.
Lubed in a Lyman 45 with a custom honed, .3605 ” H & I sizer die so that.

I can lube only with zero sizing as the last step prior to loading.
OAL of the round was 2.735 “

This is a 3 shot group fired at 80 yards ( completely off the target , by the way) but who cares….that’s what windage and elevation adjustments are for on my Burris 1.5 X 6 Var. Scope.

You can bet that I’ll be loading more of this combination ! ( I KNOW !!!! before you say it….. a single 3 shot group doesn’t prove anything…you’re right. But ….if I can do this in a few days , 5 times in a row at the same distance, I’ll then say….Yes, I think it does prove something. )

















Here is the NEI ( this is a GOOD one made by Walt , 25 yrs. ago ), it mikes .3625 on all of the bands as it comes from the mold. Nice and round to within .0003 “. It carries a lot of lube. Once it is g/c’d and lubed , it weighs 272 grs. At 1850 fps., out of my 358 Win. , we don’t have any white tails around here that will stop this bullet.

I gave serious thought as to hp’ing this NEI mold , but I’ve got 5 other .35 cal. molds that cast hp bullets, ………..I think I’ll leave this one as a solid.


















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