Brief review of Patmarlins 9mm PB Checkmaker™

By Hogokansatsukan Dan

Thor’s Hammer Custom Leather

I love the 9mm and cast my own for it, making it dirt cheap to shoot. This is a good thing as I tend to run 400-500 rounds through my various 9’s in a week.

I recently got a custom mold made from Accurate molds, as I had plans of switching all my various cast 9mm to this prefered bullet shape and weight (preferred by me).

The Checkmaker arrived just in the nick of time, as I had over 4k bullets cast up and several AZ iced tea cans all ready (.004 thickness).















The checkmaker is very easy to use, but it helps to have a good papercutter to cut the cans into strips.















Once cut into strips, the process is easy to make the disks.



The photo doesn’t show it, but it seems to cut nicer with the painted side of the can down.

After a few hours, I was ready to put them on the boolits and size and lube.


Here is a fresh boolit. I made most with painted side in, but here in this photo you can see the painted side on the outside.














Boolit weighs in at 126.5 with check and Thompson Blue hard lube.

I loaded up several hundred rounds and hit the desert with my CX4 9mm carbine.


The launching platform:














I fired the first 35 round magazine just testing for accuracy. It was excellent.

I then fired off 4 35 round magazines as fast I could pull the trigger. That carbine got HOT!.

First the last mag checking for accuracy again. No POI change and it was as good as when I had started.

Broke the weapon down and looked down the barrel. It looked as though it had just been cleaned. Not a sign of lead anywhere.

Picked some of the lead out of the burm, and it did just what I wanted. I had used pure linotype before, which naturally did not deform.

To say the least, I’m pretty darn happy with this checkmaker. I put those rounds over a chrono and they were pushing right at 1500 from the carbine with a standard deviation of 18.

Now I have to go and drink a lot more AZ iced tea.