Using Checkmaker™ Dies with a Dillon RL550

Can you use Checkmaker™ Dies with a Dillon Progressive Press… Absolutely!

Patmarlins Checkmaker Dies made with a Dillon RL550



My great customer David Manney sent this photo on how it’s done. He is the first caster I’ve ever known who has done this. David writes … 

I have a pair of Dillon RL550s and wasn’t sure if this would work without buying another press. Bought 44PB and 41PB Checkmakers™. 


Went through my shell plates and the “L” shell plate is a prefect match for the bottom of the shell holder. Must install the shell plate upside down. The “N” and the “P” will also work. 

One first station the primer seating cup will push the ejector to remove the check. I’m using aluminum shim stock from McMaster Carr that is .004”. The checks stay on the bottom of the punch and are easily removed. 

Thanks, this opens up a new area in reloading for me.


Outstanding… THANKS David..! -Pat