Not all Dies or Gas Checks are Created Equal

Received this email from a good customer and thought I would pass it along…

Hello Pat,
Hope this email finds you well – and all the best for 2016
Ordered a 41 Magnum Checkmaker from you on 29 Dec, while I wait on it being made up, I thought you might like to see this image.
From 50 rounds of 41 Magnum homeloads fired at my local indoor range using Alu checks made by other vendor’s check dies (only ones left in 41 my seller had) I picked up 17 fired checks from the floor, others were stuck in the roof…5 were behind me, how they got there..
I do find checks I make with the Checkmaker a much better stay-on fit. Can’t wait to punch out some good annealed copper checks for my 41 boolits.
Time for more Scotch here, all the best
Hi Lyndsay,
All I can say is wow.  Just wow. I get customers who are frustrated with their gas checks not fitting, and having to use super glue, or pre-made gas checks purchased that don’t fit or shoot worth a damn all the time.
Try before you buy is the best way to proceed. At the very least when you own my dies, I guarantee you can make gas checks that fit.
Have a great New Year,
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Here’s a link showing an example of how Checkmaker™ dies fit even with soda pop can gas checks…

Do Checkmaker™ gas checks STAY ON once fired?

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