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Gas Check Forming Dies Sets

What Calibers of Checkmaker™ Dies are in Production?

We are proceeding with a complete line of dies perfected and supported for all calibers, including PB versions. If there is a mold made, or a plain base mold made, there will be a set of Checkmaker™ dies for it.

Calibers Now in production-

22 cal, 22T cal (tall), 22PB cal, 22PB-AR cal (about .095 in Tall w/.014 AL and depending on metal used, .081 inside, great for the AR platform), 243 cal, 243PB cal, 6mm cal, 6mmPB cal, 6.5 cal, 6.5PB cal, 7mm cal, 7mmPB cal, 25cal, 25PB cal, 270 cal, 270PB cal, 30 cal, 300 Blackout, 300PB Blackout, 30PB cal, 303 British cal, 7.62x39 cal, 7.62x39PB cal, 338 cal, 8mm cal, 8mmPB cal, 32 cal, 32PB cal, 32-20PB Winchester (includes 32 S&W Long, 32 Colt New Police), 348 cal, 348PB cal, 9mm cal, 9mmPB cal, 35 cal, 35PB cal, 38-55PB Winchester Cal, 375 cal, 375PB cal, 10mm cal, 10mmPB cal, 40 cal, 40PB cal, 404PB Jeffery cal, 41 cal, 41PB cal, 416 Rifle cal, 405 Winchester cal, 405PB Winchester cal, 44 cal, 44PB cal, 45 cal (fits both pistol and rifle), 9.3 cal, 45PBP Pistol cal, 45PBR Rifle cal, 45PB-AR cal (tall), 458 SOCOM-PB cal, 480 cal, 480PB cal, 500 S&W Cal Pistol (.501), 505 Gibbs, 50 cal, 50PB Pistol.

-More Calibers COMING SOON...
email if you don't see your size here.

What is a Ram Ejector Arm?

What Reloading Press can I use?

Any reloading press will make gas checks with Checkmaker™ dies.

A Ram Ejector Arm automatically ejects the gas check from the female die once its formed. This works only in a slotted ram press. Our ejector arms work with most presses using two (2) different styles. Our LEE style is one, and RCBS style is another. (see operation instructions on how the ejector arm works). Many shooters make their own or modify their primer arm (factory arm), by removing the primer cup.

The LEE Reloader and old Challenger (with slots in the ram) will work well with my LEE style ejector arm, but not without a modification:

Lee Reloader and Challenger for Pat's tool


Proven performers are: All RCBS Rockchuckers, RCBS Rockchucker JR., LEE Classic Cast Turret, LEE Classic Cast Single, LEE Challenger Breach Lock Single. Lyman Orange Crusher, T-Mag, Lyman Spartan. The Hornady press factory primer arms work with with the primer cup removed. Many shooters have made up their own ejector for their model press.

Redding T-7 and Big Boss presses- Both the T-7 and Big Boss presses work with the existing primer arm, by removing the primer seater cup from the arm. It is held firm at the bottom of the arm with an Allen set screw. By pushing the sleeve and spring down on the primer seater, a pair of pliers can easily unscrew it.

Operation instructions below show how the 2 styles of ram ejector arms work.

The finest press on the market in my opinion at any price is the LEE Classic Cast Single. Best head room and visibility for making gas checks and reloading. Adjustable leverage. Extremely solid and accurate. A lifetime purchase.


Where can I find Instructions on how to use my Checkmaker™ Die Sets?


Here is a PDF download link for full operating instructions with pictures:

How do I align my Checkmaker™ Dies properly in my Reloading Press?

Dies have to be aligned CAREFULLY before cutting disks...!

Make sure your metal is suitable forming gas checks, and will not damage your dies!

Makes sure you rotate both lower female die and upper die housing in your

press so the male cutter smoothly clears the internal cutter without hitting

or binding.

Tighten your die nut, then recheck. Repeat if necessary. Then

proceed to cut disks. Make sure your metals are not to HARD for cutting disks and forming gas checks. 

Can I use LEE Sizing Dies to seat Gas Checks?

Yes.  Click this link for info...

Seating Gas Checks with LEE Sizing Dies

What Metals Do Can I Use With my Checkmaker™ dies?

Gas Check Metals-

I do not sell copper or metals.

PB Checkmaker™ ( stands for "plain base" bullets) dies take advantage of thin aluminum beverage can material or thin copper .004- .008", and some shooters are using slightly thicker metals, for plain base bullets. Thickness up to .010" may be to thick. Metals as thin as .004" has to be stiff enough (tempered about like beverage cans) to be able to work. Too thin and soft can cause jamming problems. To hard and it can tear and not form, and damage your dies. Beverage cans make great performing PB gas checks.


Checkmaker™ gas check shank dies-

Shooters have used various types of metals including, .004 beverage can alum, .014 aluminum and copper in .010 copper "foil" and other thickness with good results. Beverage cans make gas checks that work for gas check shank molds, but accuracy will be limited. .014" Amerimax (Ace Hardware) Aluminum holds the record as the best performing metal.

**Please note some material is tempered extremely hard- cuts hard and forms checks that tear. That will need to be annealed. TRY before you buy...!

Amerimax Aluminum

Dies for gas check shank molds are optimized for .014" but work with other thickness metals. Not much thicker. Just depends on the metal.

Amerimax Aluminum is hard to beat, some batches have been tempered to hard.  Please Check before damaging dies.

Cheap and many shooters are getting great results, plus the .014 is accurate as all get out, holding the record with many of my customers shooting one-holers with gas check shank molds. Currently .014 Amerimax is winning match competitions and out performing factory gas checks by many cast shooter as well.

Order from your local Ace Hardware- Amerimax Aluminum

Thickness is .014 that has consistently produced one-holers with my dies by

many of my customers and makes great gas checks for gas check shank molds.


Ace Hardware order number is #58012:

Amerimax number us #68104.

4" x 50' roll at $19.99.


Amerimax offers different types and thickness. The thinner stuff maybe tempered to hard. Always "Try before you Buy" and quantity of metals.

DO NOT Buy .009- .011" (approximate) Aluminum Flashing from Amerimax or any Box Store!  It is All tempered to hard and not suitable for gas checks and can damage dies! I will no longer replace any dies used with this metal.

STANDARD alum-.014 (part #68104)

One (1) 4"X 50' Amerimax roll will make 9600 gas checks with the Checkmaker™ dies in 30 caliber. That's less than $2.08 per thousand. Aprox. 4 per square inch. How's that for efficiency?

Excellent source of copper with free shipping-



 Checkmaker™ (Final) Slot Widths-



22 cal, 22PB cal, 6.5 cal, 270cal, 7mm, 7mmPB, 30, 7.62x39, 303 British, 32/8mm (all calibers smaller than 32/8mm use .500 strips)



32-20PB Winchester, 30PB, 7.62x39PB, 32PB, 338, 338PB, 35

35PB, 9.3mm, 375



375, 375PB, 38-55PB Winchester, 40, 41, 405 Winchester



40/10mmPB, 41PB, 44, 45, 405PB Winchester 



44PB, 45PB-Pistol, 45PBR-Rifle, 480 Ruger



458PB SOCOM, 45PB-AR, 480PB, 50, 50PB-Pistol, 50ca Rifle, 505 Gibbs


Cut your strips to fit your dies.

A paper cutter makes accurate strip cutting a breeze. Using a made up guide works very well also, as shown in Operation Instructions .pdf file.


What are Checkmaker™ PB style Dies?


PB Checkmaker™ ( stands for "plain base" bullets) dies use thin aluminum beverage can material or thin copper .004- .008, and some shooters are using slightly thicker metals, for your favorite plain base bullet.Shooters are now able to use and buy plain base molds in place of check shank molds and have the best of both worlds in one mold without the higher cost of thicker metals, or expensive factory gas checks.

The beauty of the my PB version dies is you can take advantage of inexpensive thin metals.

We are getting remarkable performance out of firearms, even auto loaders with group sizes shrinking, and no more leading. The PB dies are truly breaking new ground.

I now have customers who are winning IPSC competitions with PB gas checks.


Notes on Checkmaker™ dies for 45 Caliber

45 caliber dies

45 caliber dies for shank molds work for both 45 cal pistol and 45 cal rifle with one (1) set. You simply (if needed) adjust metal thickness. You need a solid bench and press.

45PB caliber dies (plain base) use a separate set of dies each- one (1) for pistol and one (1) for rifle. You need to specify which one.



Notes on dies for 50 Caliber

50 caliber dies

The standard (shank mold) .501 50 caliber pistol (500 S&W) etc., Checkmaker™ dies will only work with a modification to your mold. Standard 50 cal cast bullet shanks are designed to use .022 metal which is expensive.

I designed Checkmaker™ dies in standard 50 caliber (gas check shank molds) to work with inexpensive thinner metal. You need to order a 50 cal mold with a .473 shank, or have your mold shank opened up to .473. This way you can use inexpensive metals from .010 to .016 and the best performing .014 Amerimax Aluminum. Again- the 50 cal standard Checkmaker is not designed to make a gas checks with (expensive) .022 thick metals.

However, all Checkmaker™ 50PB caliber (plain base) version dies are designed to work with no mold modifications. You can make PB gas checks with up to .014 metals to fit any 50 caliber pistol plain base dies.

Last notes on dies and metals:

Carefully try gas checks sized to the final diameter to your bullet first before investing money in a bunch of metal, to make sure it is what you need. You need at least .001" over your bore groove diameter to prevent leading and achive accuracy.

If you don't know how to slug your bore and measure it correctly, search out the info on YouTube. This is important! 

Don't rely on so called gas check "formula" numbers!

Everyone should "try before they buy" a particular run of metal. You are manufacturing your own product here, and the fact that gas check dies work as well as they do is amazing really when you think about it with all the different types of metals that have been used. 

Checkmaker™ dies (for gas check mold bullets) are optimized for .014" thick metal. .010" thickness is going to be on the edge of functioning properly for gas check shank bullets. Anything thinner than that is not, unless you are running PB (plain base) gas check dies and molds, then thin metals are the ticket as long as they are stiff enough to cut good disks. .010" is at the very top of functioning with PB dies, and most times to thick. Soda cans make great performing PB gas checks,.

Using Checkmaker™ PB "Plain Base" Dies

Make sure you check the tempered hardness and softness. I've run across hardware store .009-.010 aluminum that was so hard you could make bench tops out of it. Lousy performance for gas checks. YOU WILL DAMAGE YOUR DIES with metals that are tempered to hard. 

On the flip side is metals to soft. Copper that is to soft can cause issues with deforming when disks are cut. Causing jams. The metal needs a certain amount of rigidty. The best test for thin metals are soda cans. Beverage cans have just enough stiffness to make good disks and performing checks.

My dies use 1/2" strips in 22 cal. They are optimized for .014"

I cannot stress enough the importance of being careful when first using new metals to make sure it's suitable for making gas checks. As I mention in my instructions, I will not warrant dies that are damaged by these hard metals. I can rebuild them, and get you going again but I'm not doing it for free. 

I always warrant, and send out new die sets or parts to replace sets that are out of spec and do not function correctly, which happens from time to time, at no charge. It's the nature of machining, and it happens rarily thankfully, but it does happen.

Operation Instructions:

YouTube Video:

Here's a wealth of information on slugging your bore:







Reloading Bench Docking Mount System


What is a Lube Heater Plate?

The Lube Heater Plate- is the cross back plate section of the docking mount.

It is used to heat bullet lube in Sizing Presses used with cast bullets. Some folks like the looks of the plate, and have one for future needs even if they don't currently cast. It has no effect on the strength or rigidity of the ROCKDock™.

The Lube Heater Plate uses a clothes iron on top to heat your lube sizer- warming your favorite bullet lube. Eliminating the need for a commercial heater.

Standard has an optional style of either Fixed (bolted) or Removable.
Large only comes in the Removable style. Removable sets on the mount.

The lube heater plate works EXTREMELY well. It transfers heat to your lube so efficiently, you only need run your iron at a very low setting to dial in just the right temperature for your bullet lube.



What size ROCKDock™ do I need- Standard or Large?

Go here for the... Master Press List

You need to be able to accommodate your largest press, so if your largest press only fits the Large Version size ROCKDock™, all other base plates for your gear will need to be the Large Version. If your largest press fits the Standard Version size ROCKDock™, then all you would need is the Standard. Some customers use both standard and large versions on their benches. Please look up your presses in the Master Press List for the size you need.

The size of the useable space on the standard size ROCKDock™ base plate is approximately 5 1/2" wide and up to 6" deep. Overall ROCKDock™ footprint is 8 1/4" wide x 7" deep.

The Standard Lube heater plate (cross back piece) can be ordered fixed mounted or removable (to accommodate deeper presses), or no plate at all if you do not Cast Bullets.

The Large size ROCKDock™ base plate useable space is approximately 7" wide and up to 6" deep (8" depending on plates ordered). Overall footprint can be as much as 9 1/2" wide x 8" deep.

The Lube heater plate is an optional item and removable only, or no plate at all if you do not Cast Bullets.

If any item will fit in these spaces, it most likely can be mounted, and we can make a base plate for you.

Bolt pattern for dock rail holes start from the front edge of the bench going backwards (on center): 1/2", 3", and 5 1/2". Bolt patterns cannot be changed on the rails.

You can counter bore for thicker areas under your reloading bench, or add spacers underneath for thinner areas. Masking tape works well for shimming rails.



Can I have a Base Plate Drilled for a special Item?

Most of the time yes.

You can supply a pattern trace.

If you would like to proceed, take a manila file folder (or similar material), set it under your base square with the bench edge, and trace the outside of the base and mark the holes as best you can. Then make a rough square cutout overall. I will make the final cut.

I also would need the base thickness, and bolt diameter written on the pattern.

The size of the useable space on the standard model ROCKDock™ base plate is approximately 5 1/2" wide and up to 6" deep, depending on the lube heater shelf. Lube heater shelf can be ordered fixed mounted or removable. Overall footprint is 8 1/4" wide x 7" deep.

The Large version ROCKDock™ base plate useable space is approximately 7" wide and up to 8" deep. Lube heater shelf is an optional item and removable only.

Overall footprint is 9 1/2" wide x 8" deep.

If it will fit there, most of the time it can be mounted.




How does the ROCKDock™ hold the my Presses solid without the use of Tools?

Friction pressure is set and regulated during installation. Once done it never needs adjusted. You can set the tension where you desire. The goal is to have your presses slide in and out the the docking mount, yet hold solid during operation. This is unique, and a great benefit with ROCKDock™.




What are SHELFDocks™?

SHELFDocks™ are milled aluminum brackets drilled for (2) screws that allows you to securely store all of your reloading equipment, on any shelf, or tabletop.

Store all your ROCKDock™ base mounted presses on a shelf or secure area with SHELFDocks™.

Three (3) SHELFDocks™ brackets store two (2) base plate mounted presses. Works both for the Standard and Larger version ROCKDock™ base plates.

Machined 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum including screws.



Do you have a ROCKDock™ Base plate for the Dillon Strong Mount or the Ultra Mount?

We do not offer base plates for the Dillon Strong Mount, or Ultra Mount. The foot print is way to big.



Do you offer Custom Sized ROCKDock™ Mounts?

Will we consider adding new base plates to production. We will not modify the ROCKDock™ dock mounting rails. We are not a custom shop.

We will consider adding special ROCKDock™ applications to our production if there is a market need and will offer some custom drilled base plates.  Let us know what you have.


Do you offer various sized ROCKDock™ Mounting Bolts?

No. Docking mount mounting bolts are 3" long Grade 8 Bolts. You can counter bore for thicker areas under your reloading bench, or add spacers or washers underneath for thinner areas. Base plate mounting bolts (Grade 8) are included and the proper length for your presses.


 If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to email.  Will get back ASAP!

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