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500 Caliber


Product Description

500 S&W Caliber 

50 Pistol cal dies are designed to work with a gas check shank mold that drops a cast bullet with a .473″ gas check shank only, and optimized for .014″ thick metal.  Amerimax .014″ aluminum makes excellent gas checks for pennies.

-You have to have your mold shank widened, or have a custom mold made. These dies will NOT work with metals over .014″-

50 caliber dies

The standard gas check shank mold for .501 50 caliber pistol (500 S&W) etc., Checkmaker™ dies will only work with a modification to your mold. Standard 50 cal cast bullet shanks are designed to use .022 metal which is expensive.

I designed Checkmaker™ dies in standard 50 caliber (gas check shank molds) to work with inexpensive thinner metal. You need to order a 50 cal mold with a .473 shank, or have your mold shank opened up to .473. This way you can use inexpensive metals from .010 to .016 and the best performing .014 Amerimax Aluminum. Again- the 50 cal standard Checkmaker is not designed to make a gas checks with (expensive) .022 thick metals.

However, all Checkmaker™ 50PB caliber (plain base) version dies are designed to work with no mold modifications. You can make PB gas checks with up to .014 metals to fit any 50 caliber pistol plain base dies.

50 Caliber Range Test with Checkmaker™ Gas Check Dies and Accurate Mold 50-420KG

Checkmaker™-gas check making dies are guaranteed to perform flawlessly as currently proven by seasoned cast shooters since 2008.

Checkmaker™ -gas check making dies are caliber specific, and work in your reloading press.

You need a Ram Ejector Arm.

Ram Ejector Arms are an option.

They do not come included with die sets.

You don’t need a Ram Ejector Arm with each set of dies. 

You only need one Ram Ejector Arm per press. 

If you have an RCBS press, choose the RCBS Style, and that can be used with all of your Checkmaker™ die calibers. If you decide to use a LEE then choose a LEE style. The only time you need more than one ejector arm is if you want to use your RCBS and LEE presses (and other brands). Then you would need one each, otherwise it’s an option extra.

-Order your Ram Ejector Arm Here-

What is a Ram Ejector Arm?

What Reloading Press can I use?

Any reloading press will make gas checks with Checkmaker™ dies.

A Ram Ejector Arm automatically ejects the gas check from the female die once its formed. This works only in a slotted ram press. Our ejector arms work with most presses using two (2) different styles. Our LEE style is one, and RCBS style is another. (see operation instructions on how the ejector arm works). Many shooters make their own or modify their primer arm.

The LEE Reloader and old Challenger (with slots in the ram) will work well with my LEE style ejector arm, but not without a modification:

Lee Challenger Breech Lock Press for Pat’s tool

Proven performers are: RCBS Rockchuckers, RCBS Rockchucker JR., LEE Classic Cast Turret and LEE Classic Cast Single. New LEE Breachlock Challenger. Lyman Orange Crusher, T-Mag, Lyman Spartan. The Hornady press factory primer arms work with with the primer cup removed. Many shooters have made up their own ejector for their model press.

Redding T-7 and Big Boss presses- Both the T-7 and Big Boss presses work with the existing primer arm, by removing the primer seater cup from the arm. It is held firm at the bottom of the arm with an Allen set screw. By pushing the sleeve and spring down on the primer seater, a pair of pliers can easily unscrew it.

Operation instructions below show how the 2 styles of ram ejector arms work.


Here is a PDF download link for full operating instructions with pictures:

The finest press on the market in my opinion at any price is the LEE Classic Cast Single. Best head room and visibility for making gas checks and reloading. Adjustable leverage. Extremely solid and accurate. A lifetime purchase.