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Making your own Ammo. Reloading. Bullet Casting. What's it all about and why should every shooter learn how to do this? Well I say it's fun. It's cost effective. It's a great feeling of accomplishment, and a great skill to have that needs to be passed down from generation to generation.

So pull up a chair, and let's get started...!


Great Video! The Complete Process- Reloading .223 Remington 
50 rounds on a single stage press from Start to Finish 
How to find and clean free Brass! 
 This is a very good tutorial. The video is a bit long, but a great piece of work (and worth the study). Fast forward or rewind to what you need. There are so many ways to reload, and jiujitsu is an excellent teacher.  Check out his videos!

Awesome Bullet Casting Videos by- Iraqveteran8888 

How to use your Dillon RL 550 and Checkmaker™ Dies

Free Bullets for Life – Bullet Casting Part 1

Free Bullets for Life - Bullet Casting 

Part 2 – Hardness, Sizing & Lubing

Explanation of the Theory and Engineering behind Checkmaker™ Gas Check Forming Dies

50 Caliber Range Test with Checkmaker™ Gas Check Dies and Accurate Mold 50-420KG

Using Checkmaker™ PB "Plain Base" Dies

Seating Gas Checks with LEE Sizing Dies

The Beretta Storm and Checkmaker™ 9mmPB Gas Checks

Making 45 Caliber Checkmaker™ Gas Checks

Do Checkmaker™ gas checks STAY ON once fired?

Expanding Gas Checks for an Oversized Bullet Shank

Comparison between 32/8mm Checkmaker™ & Hornady Commercial

Cast Bullets in a Polygonal Rifle Barrel

Checkmaker™ Gas Checks and a 30 caliber Spitzer

Range Test with .014 Amerimax Aluminum

Ruger No 1 Dream Rifle in 358 Winchester and Checkmaker™ Gas Checks

Checkmaker™ plain base  45 Auto RIM Smith & Wesson Range Results

This website link below is the "Holy Grail" of information regarding Cast Shooting. Inside are some of the greatest articles written from authors such as by Glen E. Fryxell / Robert L. Applegate, with Foreword by John Taffin and more...!

 The Los Angeles Handgun - Rifle - Air Pistol Silhouette Club

Would like to sincerely thank Rick Kelter for permission to link his page here... Pat

DO NOT Buy or use .009- .011" Aluminum Flashing from Amerimax or any Box Hardware Store!  It is All tempered to hard and not suitable for gas checks and can damage dies! I will no longer replace any dies used with this metal. Please check carefully.

How to make Gas Checks

Ben's Red Bullet Lube

Here is a PDF download link for full operating instructions with pictures:

Here's a wealth of information on slugging your bore:

Customer Video's on Checkmaker™ Operation:

PatMarlins .30 Cal CheckMaker™ (video)

35 cal Checkmaker™ (video)

The Checkmaker™ at home in Europe (video)

Bullshop Forum

Folks... please support the NEW Bullshop Forum. Join and learn from (Dan) the Master cast bullet maker,  and shooter/hunter. He has more expertise and knowledge in the cast shooting field than most out there, and if you want to be successful in making and shooting your own, this forum will become the number one source for learning and his unique products as time progresses... Pat

Cast Boolits Forum





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